Chargers Head Back to the City of Angels

Having only played one season in Los Angeles back in 1960, the Chargers leave San Diego and head to the city once again, Dean Spanos announced earlier this week. 

The Chargers have been fighting for Los Angeles for a couple of years, at least, because there were rumors and speculations early 2014. Although I'm not really sure what the motive is, I know it will be a seemingly major adjustment for everyone involved. According to sources, Spanos essentially didn't get his way when it came to building a new and improve stadium in San Diego and this seemed like a more viable solution to the problem. Of course, Chargers will now be sharing a close vicinity with the Rams, as they enter the StubHub Center in Carson, CA and Rams will be move to a larger arena at the L.A. Coliseum, both temporary locations until Inglewood Stadium is up and running.

As for the home team fans, there's a lot of emotions rising high regarding the move and the fact that there is no longer a NFL franchise in San Diego. It's very likely that loyal fans will remain loyal, however it does constitute an entirely different issue for season ticket holders, who will now have to travel a pretty lofty distance-give or take heavy commuting traffic-to attend "home" games. In addition to the varying reactions of the fans, Chargers now owe $650 million to the NFL in relocation fees and approximately $13 million to the city of San Diego. Hopefully that doesn't create a larger problem over the 10 years they have to pay it off and configure their finances properly. 

It's safe to say that the Chargers will have an interesting time trying to stand out in the entertainment capital of the world. There are so many different over-saturated markets in just that city alone that is going to make the Chargers' placement in that world all the more difficult. Seems like they've already figured this out, considering they've named the new website #fightforla. No clue what the formula is for this new move or what will turn out to be the better city comparatively, so I guess we'll have to let time tell.

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