#ThrowbackThursday: Top 5 Favorite NBA Moments [of the past 2 decades]

Some of my best and earliest memories took place in the mid 90's and most of them revolve around my love of sports in some shape or form. It was around that time that really began to understand sports and started to develop my own opinions about about the players, the teams, and the game itself. The admiration I have for this basketball, especially, is deeply rooted. 

To this day, I believe I grew up watching one of the best eras of the NBA, which was in that early-late 90's/early 2000's range. Although a bit of a challenge to think of the 5 greatest NBA moments I've experienced in my lifetime - simply because there are so many that I had to leave out- here's a comprehensive list of the first 5 favorite NBA moments that came to mind:

#1. The 2003 NBA All-Star Game will always hold a place in my heart. February 9, 2003 was one of the best days of my life for reasons I couldn't quite grasp at the time, yet thoroughly understand in retrospect. 

#2. Tracey McGrady dunks were truly one of a kind and always so much fun to watch. T-Mac in his prime was a beast. One stand out moment was game 2 of the 2005 NBA playoffs when he dunked on Shawn Bradley...and the crowd went absolutely wild!!! The commentary made that incredible moment even better...

#3. Of course, Los Angeles Lakers' legendary 2002 3-peat, one of the most celebrated victories in NBA History. This was prime time for the Lakers' empire.


Game 2 of the 2009 Eastern Conference finals when Lebron James' perfectly executed, yet off balance miracle 3-pt with only 1 second left that saved the day. The Orlando Magic had already began celebrating, but when King James took his shot, that finalized the game with an astonishing 1 point lead at 96-95 against Orlando. Shook.

#5. 1994-'95 Christmas Day performance: Bulls vs. Knicks. As a 90's kid, watching sports during any major holiday was a win, but especially when they fell on Christmas Day. For whatever reason, this is the game that stood out to me, or perhaps was one of my earliest memories of the era that made me fall in love with basketball.

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