4 Bada$$ Women who are Killin’ the IG Game by Redefining Style, Athleticism, Art, + Culture

When I think of the ways in which women exist in the world, and how understated we still are in 2018, I know that women are the key to the future. Across the board, my social media content is specifically curated, so all the women I choose to follow are constant reminders of how powerful, beautiful, diverse, immaculate we truly are. Whether I’m following their respective careers or taking the time to listen to the truth they speak, anytime I see these women on on my timeline, I root for all of them out loud, even if life isn’t as perfect as it looks on their IG feeds.

Although this compilation is missing so many women I follow who I am constantly inspired by (Scottie Beam, Vastie, Ros Gold-Onwude, and Brittany Renner, to name a few), here are a diverse group of 4 women who are not only style icons, but who also embody the varying facets of what it means to be a woman:

#1: Kayce K. | @infamousKayce

As I was scrolling through my explore page one day, I came across this absolutely gorgeous woman with a style to die for. This pretty much sums up how former collegiate hooper, Kayce K. won my heart the second I started following her. Laid back in nature, yet still impressively feminine, her style choices on any given day seems to match her personality and she rocks the whole ath-leisure thing flawlessly. From her super dope tattoos to a kick collection out of this world, she is everything; truly my type of chick. With the ability to switch it up real smooth when need be, she definitely embodies the full package when it comes to the ultimate style inspiration.

#2: Ocean Lewis | @oceanlewis

Simple, yet unique, track star, Ocean Lewis has a rather candid and care-free approach to personal style. Aside from being a former athlete myself, it’s actually quite hard to explain why I like this approach so much…and quite frankly I prefer it. It’s no wonder why I instantly fell in love with her as well; it’s the cozy aesthetic accompanied with a million dollar smile and wild, curly, honey-dipped curls. Committed to stalking a profile, I discover she is a fellow Eagles fan, which solidified my budding #girlcrush.

#3 Princess Nokia | @princessnokia

Soft spoken and surprisingly wild, DJ, artist, and creative extraordinaire, is someone who’s career I’ve been following for quite some time now. Between cosplay and simply wearing whatever tf she wants, Destiny Frasqueri, better known as, Princess Nokia, is someone who’s authenticity is what makes her stand out. Drawing inspiration from her childhood in New York, her vibe is quite nostalgic and before you know it, you’re a 90’s kid again living and loving life. Maybe it’s just me, but she has this magic to create vibrant worlds that either already existed in the past or never existed before now via style, music, and art. I’m genuinely drawn to people who are able to do that so effortlessly and confidently.

#4 Kalonda Mulamba @revolutionarybae

Saving the best for last, fitness guru, Kalonda Mulamba a.k.a. Revolutionary Bae finds a way to incorporate African culture so beautifully in her wardrobe. It’s something remarkable about her aesthetic alone that can captivate a crowd and influence nations without speaking. As her naturally gorgeous tresses rise to kiss the sun and she shifts from Nike to kente prints gracefully, she strikes me as a woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to embrace versatility within herself. I’m blown away and I’m simultaneously inspired…by someone who makes loving who you are look so easy.

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