Letter from the Editor | Creating a Game Plan for Year III of #TheSkyBoxSuite

November 8th, 2018 was the 2 year mark of The Sky Box Suite and today we celebrate by rethinking strategy, setting new intentions, and re-configuring a solid game plan for the upcoming season. I have a really good feeling about what’s in store for this brand.

Stepping into the world of sports journalism as a black woman was a huge leap, but I’m admit that I wasn’t always consistent nor as dedicated as I should have been. The best part about focusing on sports is that there is always a story, there’s always something to pull from for content ideas. There really isn’t a reason to go weeks without having anything to report. Unfortunately, the inspiration doesn’t always match what’s always available and time isn’t always on my side; October was a prime example of this. On top of that, adding other categories like music, style, and culture was a way to ensure that weekly content was inevitable, however, that was far from the case coming into phase II.

The past few days have been spent reflecting on our sophomore season, gauging what the next steps are for phase III. I have not only been brainstorming ways to up the production, keep the momentum going, and focus on quality content more than quantity, but I’ve also had to remind myself of why I started and what makes this project so special to me personally. The first couple of months were booming with 3-4 articles a week, consistent social media engagement, and thinking ahead to prepare content for the coming weeks. As editor-in-chief, I know I have to be like Derrick Rose and get that fire back in order to keep this site up to par with what I envision for the overall brand and to set myself (and The Sky Box Suite team) up for greatness moving forward.

Game Plan for Season III:

  1. Letters from the Executive Suite will include quarterly newsletters sent out to subscribers who opt-in to be included on our mailing list. This subscription will give our audience a overview of what’s currently happening in the sports world and a preview of next quarter’s expected content. There will also be tons of exclusive content and special giveaways as a token of appreciation for loyal readers.

  2. For the Record monthly playlists, especially curated by myself and The Sky Box Suite team will be an additional feature of #TheSkyBoxSuite and will soon be available on Apple Music + Spotify.

  3. Collaboration opportunities will be emphasized more circa Summer 2019. This will be an option for individuals who want to pitch articles and write for The Sky Box Suite.

  4. Brand sponsorship will definitely be something to look forward to in year III. I wanted to wait until my space here is solidified, and although there are still some kinks to work out behind the scenes, it’s happening.

Also, I may possibly attempt creating a YouTube channel to mostly focus on the behind the scenes with weekly sports, music, and culture news updates and recaps. I know from previously having had a YouTube channel that it can be a lot of work, so I still have not made a final decision on if that’s something Id like to take on - all things considered - so for the time being, I’ll just leave that off of the goal list until I have more clarity in that regard.

That pretty much concludes the basics of what I foresee happening next year for The Sky Box Suite. I appreciate everyone who has been and continues to be a dynamic part of this journey. As editor-in-chief, this has challenged me creatively, but has also been so fulfilling that I can’t help but to be proud of the progress I’ve made thus far.

Let’s make a toast with a nice, cold brew on this wonderful NFL Sunday (#FlyEaglesFly) to the future of The Sky Box Suite and greater things ahead. Cheers!


- Chymere A. Hayes, founder & editor-in-chief