Letter from the Editor | The Focus Experiment

Now that we are officially a few days away from NFL regular season, I came up with a brilliant idea to help me stay focused on the kind of content I want to create going into the final quarter of 2019. As you can imagine, it can become overwhelming for this one woman show to even attempt to cover the happenings of 74 teams in sports in the realm of pro-basketball and pro-football. Even with the help of a reliable co-editor to collaborate with on the sports end, it’s just a lot to keep up with. Yes, it gives us the freedom to move about more fluidly by never running out of topics or story-lines, but it also tends to create unrealistic expectations and a sort of scatterbrained inconsistency, which is obviously not a good look for the brand. Fortunately, Braxton and I share the same deep-rooted love for the Los Angeles Lakers, so it’s an automatic pick, should we decide to shift our focus to just one team come October.

For no other reason aside from wanting to cut down our focal points to have a more narrowed down niche, it crossed my mind to cut out NFL, careful not trying to do everything at once to the point where nothing is getting accomplished. As much as I love football, that seems like a viable option at this point. That decision is still up in the air, because I definitely want us to be able to have something valuable to contribute during off season and I personally can’t imagine having a ton to say about the NBA while summer league is in session. But again, it’s really just a matter of focusing in, staying consistent, and possibly branch out once we gain some momentum

Only naturally, I’ve managed to gravitate mostly towards hip-hop, street style, and the African-American experience as a whole, which makes the music, style, and culture side a bit more personalized to whoever it resonates with. It is the goal to increase production under those categories as well; so more curated playlists and album reviews, more editorial-esque style post. I especially want to start writing more culture centered articles and think-pieces.

Stay tuned.

Chymere A. Hayes