Top 4 New-ish Album Releases in Heavy Rotation


With the fload of new music being pushed out every second via streaming apps, sometimes it’s easy to miss new gems that drop within that cluster. A few of my favorite creators have brought up the simplicity of the blog era and some of us remember when the radio was the source, but now it’s a completely different game to keep up with the latest releases.

With that being said, I gave myself time to savor the full listening experience of a few new-ish releases and wanted to share a few of my thoughts on my top 4:

no. 1 // K.R.I.T. iz Here - Big K.R.I.T.

Everything from all the buzz on social media once the July 12th release date was announced to the listening party at the Jim Cherry Memorial planetarium in Atlanta, GA followed by an after-party at Blue Flame Lounge, the marketing for this album was incredible, executed flawlessly and - in true K.R.I.T. fashion - there was something super special about all of it.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my love for Big K.R.I.T. runs deep, so I’m not sure if it’s bias to say that his latest release was nothing short of amazing. The album title itself plays as a hats off to the 2010 mixtape, K.R.I.T. Wuz Here, that earned him a spot among on the XXL Freshman class of 2011 and boldly commemorates how far he’s come as an independent artist. What I like the most is how fresh the music sounds, yet it still hasn’t lost the drawl and enchantment of the south’s apparent influence. Growth that remains authentic is always beautiful to witness.

no. 2 // Diaspora - GoldLink

This album has an ambient undertone that makes it such a coherent, smooth, and intimate body of work. Not only does it have a cool, laid-back vibe that can easily be background noise in any setting, it also has the versatility to be played, purely for listening pleasure. It audibly travels from Africa, to the UK; from east coast to out west and touches so many elements of what is home for GoldLink, alongside every single artists he chose to collaborate with on this project. Because of the creativity to bring influence and a fusion of genres together, this album feels so personal, which I love more than the music itself.

no. 3 // Revenge of the Dreamers III - Dreamville

A genius collaborative project emerging from J. Cole’s label, Dreamville Records, I listened to this album from start to finish for at least a week straight when it first released. J. Cole has seemed to master A&R by beginning a collective of underrated, insanely talented artist and paying it forward with the amount of musicians he’s been able put on. And although each artist has has his/her own distinct sound, they also have impeccable chemistry as a unit; to be able to work well together, or at least sound like they do. It’s such the powerful, yet silent nod to the art of collaboration over competition that makes this such a wonderful listening experience.

no. 4 // IGOR - Tyler, the Creator

I was excited to hear that Tyler, the Creator not only released a new album, but produced and wrote on it as well. Instantly I’m greeted with strange static and drums on the opening track, anticipating one beat after another. Endearing and in true avante garde form, Tyler’s flow on this album is psychedelic in a sense, because it’s like being on a joy ride through his mind, drawing you in and pushing you out, fascinated by the thrill of it all. Although it is a way more vulnerable than any previous work he’s released, I wouldn’t necessarily pin it as a definite sign of maturity. Undeniable talent still in tact, I perceive it more as him revealing - and maybe even discovering along with the listener - a softer side and less vulgar version of who he is as an individual.

honorable mention:


// Eve - Rapsody

[This album just dropped yesterday, but it is an absolute gem. A full album review could possibly show up in the near future]

// Port of Miami 2 - Rick Ross

// Iconology EP - Missy Elliot