Letter from the Editor | Unexpected Hiatus

Stepping into the office to write the latest Letter from the Editor after being away for so long is like revisiting a once cherished home that has been abandoned for a period of time. The lawn and outdoor landscaping has been poorly maintained, the interior is desolate. And though I am walking in with fresh hope - to revitalize it by keeping some of the original components in tact - in my head, I’m still structuring some sort of game plan/strategy to make it 10x’s better than it was before.

It’s the middle of the third quarter of 2019 and it’s been 3 months of (crickets) inactivity here on The Sky Box Suite. In the meantime, content worthy moments have naturally become obsolete or simply missed opportunities. It’s also year 3 the site’s existence. In numerology, repeating 3’s probably means something significant, however in this moment, it’s just the stats. There’s no real point in feeling defeated, but I am personally apologetic to our fans, supports, and loyal readers about the absence. It is what it is and life does sometimes get in the way of other dreams, but I do wish I had a more valid explanation as to why the whole team has been M.I.A..

As summer is winding down and NFL preseason is getting started, this may just be the perfect opportunity to kick things back into gear and make up for lost times. In the last Letter from the Editor, I mentioned that we were getting back in touch with the things that made us fall in love with sports, music, style, and culture, the 4 categories this platform was originally designed to embody. Although it seems that we’ve miss that whole era, it’s not a lost cause; in the future, I still would like to infuse some nostalgia in the mix whenever I’m inspired to do so. While I do I think it’s important to carve out time to look back, it’s equally vital to have the ability gauge what lies ahead without losing sight of what’s constantly happening all around us in the present moment.

In the coming weeks, the plan is to have at least two ‘For the Record’ playlists up, one of the many things that’s long over due, as well as some articles from me and the team covering different topics that have caught our attention as of late. I also miss debating with my right hand man, B. Braxton for our classic Dual Perspectives battle, so that’s something else to look forward to. Everything else is just a matter of timing and maintaining an element of surprise, careful not to be too forthcoming about future plans or what’s next.

Spreading out the content calendar across my desk has a positive affect on me. Suddenly, I’m hit with inspiration for the first time in months and I just hope the team is just as excited to be on board again, ready to follow the ongoing, progressive vision of this brand. Though it may take some time to execute what’s being planned, it feels so damn good to be back; back to work and back to the business of doing what I love. Now that I think about it, “Do What You Love” may be a fundamental theme to focus on presenting in the fourth quarter on The Sky Box Suite.

Stay tuned.

Chymere A. Hayes