DUAL PERSPECTIVES | #MarchMadness Predictions: Sweet 16

DUAL PERSPECTIVES | #MarchMadness Predictions: Sweet 16

No one wants to be the guy who gets caught up in the moment, but this has already been the craziest NCAA Tournament ever.  The first two rounds provided a slew of exciting games and unbelievable upsets including the unthinkable.   After 135 losses, a 16-seed (UMBC) took down a 1-seed (UVA).  

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Could Kansas' Josh Jackson Be a Future Laker?

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One thing I've kinda always hated about NBA draft season is the buildup. It's like all the bloggers, writers, and analyst of America come together in one gigantic conference and battle their opinions on who belongs where. I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happens. Needless to say, the anticipation kills me and we never really know for sure how an athlete's collegiate skills will translate in professional ball. 

That being said, this might be one of the few times I'm a little concerned about where the top draft picks are going. Los Angeles Lakers has secured second spot behind Boston Celtics, so the chances of them selecting a good fit is high. Lakers have been known to make some mishaps as far as who gets drafted, and traded, so it's very important for the front office to stay focused and devoted on rebuilding the franchise itself, which can be a tough process, especially with someone new.

At the moment, the player with the most controversial buzz is Lonzo Ball, 19 year old PG for UCLA. As I mentioned on Tidal Wave Wednesdays no.5, the issue I have with him has more to do with his father trying to run the game once he gets to his respective team, instead of allowing his talent and skills to pave a way for him. Obviously, his parenting system has very little to do with how well he does in Los Angeles and there are qualities that make him a possible candidate, however I just cannot see it for Lonzo to be apart of LakersNation. I really don't think we need another PG super star like him. It's also a concern about who, if anyone, the Lakers would be willing to trade for him. 

I do, however, cross my fingers about Kansas Jayhawks' small forward, Josh Jackson. He was one of the players that really stood out to me during #MarchMadness this year. Why am I betting on Josh Jackson to be a future Laker? Despite his downfalls, he's athletically assertive, versatile of both sides of the ball, already has the work ethic of a top tier professional athlete, and we could use that kind of hustle on the court next season. I don't know what it is, but he has it. He is also, in my opinion, one of the best draft picks on the market. If Boston skips over him on Draft day, it's my bet that Rob Pelinka, Magic Johnson, and Luke Walton will all jump on that opportunity.

Of course, all of it is mere speculation at this point. We always want our favorite teams to go with the best, but I know there's a lot more that goes into the selection process. For whoever joins the #LakeShow squad next season, I can only hope that they're a key ingredient to restoring us back to the throne and take reign as the best team in the NBA once again. 

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Tidal Wave Wednesdays no. 3 | Road to the Final Four, NFL Draft, & Battle of MVP


NCAAM Basketball

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  • March Madness is coming to an end, as 03.25 commenced the face-off of the Elite 8, which consisted of Gonzaga. Xavier. Kansas. Oregon. Florida. South Carolina. UNC. Kentucky.  
  • That Sunday night match up between Oregon and Kansas...wow; just wow. Ultimately, Oregon advances to their first Final 4 match-up in 78 years, so although I was rooting for Kansas, I have to give them props. 
  • Congratulations to the NCAAM Final 4: South Carolina, Gonzaga, UNC, and Oregon, UNC heading to this round of the tournament for the 20th time. This has been an incredible tournament and makes me really look forward to the 2017 NBA draft. 
  • News, but not really: South Carolina officially has more wins in Madison Square Garden than New York Knicks. 

NCAAW Basketball Tournament

  • As for NCAA Women's basketball, Monday [03.27] was the last of the Elite 8 series: UConn vs. Oregon and South Carolina vs. Florida State. 
  • Standford was able to come back from a 16 point deficit and advance to the final 4 against Notre Dame, so now we have Standford, South Carolina, UConn, and Mississippi State for the female ballers. 
  • Both South Carolina teams are headed to the Final 4, which is pretty amazing. 


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  • The Oakland Raiders' relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada has officially been approved and will be their new home next season. 
  • NFL bans leaping over field goal and extra point attempts. Some say it takes the fun out the game; others understand that it's too protect players from potential injury. 
  • Football fans, we're one month away from the 2017 NFL Draft. There are a few I'm personally looking forward to, such as the super confident teenage prodigy, a new generation athlete of his immediate family, Myles Garrett, and the other being someone who is slightly more overlooked, Tarik Cohen, who is senior at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. 


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  • The battle of who will win MVP this year is a close one between Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Personally, I see it more for Westbrook, but I don't know if that's a little bias, considering he is in my top 5 afterall. 
  • The Golden State Warriors organization treats Isaiah Simpson, a 6 year old Steph Curry fan, and his mom to airfare coverage to fly out to California and tickets to watch the game Sunday night after hearing about issues they experienced getting into a game earlier this month. Best fly-out story EVER!!! *link below*
  • It's going to be a trip watching what team decides to draft Lonzo Ball next season. There has been speculation revolving around him going to the Lakers, which I'm sure will make dad so proud, but we shall see what's next for this young, ambitious player. 

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Kentucky Wildcats, 2012 NCAA Champs

1st half: 

Kentucky definitely dominated first half.  The most impressive part is they know how they harmonize all the talent they have without overshadowing each other. The teamwork they displayed tonight was incredible.  Anthony Davis blocked shots the entire time. Kansas didn’t do a good job at keeping up with the tempo of the game this half; the defense wasn’t aggressive enough and they kept trying to race Kentucky at an inefficient pace.  Doron Lamb, Kentucky’s premier shooting guard, had an impressive first half, scoring 12 pts and 2 assist.

2nd half: 

Second half wasn’t as intense as expected and was very slow.  Kentucky lost a little of the rhythm they had first half, but Kansas’ energy initially didn’t match their competition. Kansas had a few opportunities to catch-up that they  let slip away. D. Lamb continued to take advantage of his shooting skills to uphold the consistent 10 point difference on the scoreboard. It seemed like they just didn’t care if they won or not at one point during this game, but they gradually began to pull it together.  They had plenty of commendable comebacks this season to pull off a win last-minute and Kentucky could feel the pressure.

So who wins? The title goes to….

{AP Photo/David J. Phillip}

University of Kentucky Wildcats
as they celebrate their 8th National Championship, and the first title in 14 years. CONGRATULATIONS! Special congrats to Anthony Davis for being crowned this year's MVP.

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A Night in NOLA: NCAA Basketball Championship 2012

Tomorrow is an exciting day for college basketball! Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats will be competing for the championship title tomorrow night, 9pm EST.  Both teams are under the leadership of competent coaches, occupied by incredible players with immense NBA potential,  and both teams have a pretty equal shot at winning.

The most anticipated battle of the night will most certainly be between PF/Center Anthony Davis (Kentucky) and Forward Thomas Robinson (Kansas). The impressive track records of these two individuals give them the assumed ability to carry their teams to a championship title.  Tomorrow night is a pivotal moment for both of them and I just hope they’re prepared to execute.

The Skybox prediction is Kansas.  I believe if Kansas matches their will-to-win performance in the Final Four, they will probably be celebrating a win. See ya after the game!

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