Man of the Year | Josmer "Jozy" Altidore

While there is a list of things that qualify international soccer player, Josmer "Jozy" Altidore, as an exemplary athlete, the work he's done  as a humanitarian is equally impressive to his athletic abilities. From starting the Jozy Altidore Foundation for under-privileged children to working to bring fresh water resources to Haiti with Generosity Water, he has proven to be a man who sincerely wants to give back and stands firmly behind what he believes in. The passion he exudes on and off the field is quite impressive and strikes beyond soccer. There is a fire in him that I have come to really admire and respect.
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His giving spirit shows that good sportsmanship is about more than making goals and winning matches. Back in 2010, after news of the major earthquake in Haiti, the young athlete, being of Haitian descent, was one of the individuals who spoke out about and supported the Yele Haiti relief effort campaign founded by musician/producer, Wyclef Jean. Anytime a celebrity uses their influence for greater good is commendable, but it also requires a great deal of humility to be a voice for an entire nation of people who are silenced.

It is my hope that Altidore continues to make his mark on the world loud and clear.

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