Return to Greatness: Why Magic Johnson's New Front Office Position is a Good Look for the Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe and Magic pose for April 1998 Sports Illustrated cover. Photo cred: Walter Iooss Jr. SI
In the midst of NBA trade fiascos and multiple GM negotiations across the board, 26 year NBA veteran and easily one of the G.O.A.T.'s of the game itself, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, has recently replaced Jim Buss as the President of Basketball Operations. For a few weeks now, it's been known from multiple news sources that there was a potential front office position in the works for Magic and now the new title is officially in and I'm here for it. 

There are a few different reasons why I think this is a major move for the Lakers. For starters, he knows what it takes to win multiple championships and with 5 championship rings under his belt, there is no doubt in my mind that he has what it takes to get the team back to that place. It's no secret that Johnson has always loudly advocated for the Lakers and has been wanting to play a key role in their current evolution. He naturally  has a winner's mindset from both a player and coach's perspective, which is extremely valuable, especially so when it's time to call the shots and lead the Laker boys on the right track. 

In addition to that, I don't think the new boys truly understand what they are now directly a part of and hopefully they do. Finalizing the deal to hire Rob Pelinka as GM, there's no telling what Lakers are about to achieve from here on out. Just as we've witnessed an entirely new squad emerge and fail to live up to certain expectations. Even if it's a roller coaster trying to get there-because I certainly don't expect an overnight success at this point-I'm predicting that we're about to watch the franchise rise to greatness once again. 

I don't exactly know where, when, or how Kobe Bryant will come into play, but from the looks of it, it's only a matter of time, because he said so himself on Stephen A. Smith's radio show on ESPN: 
"I'm always around behind the scenes for Jeanie, Jimmy, and the entire Buss family if they need assistance or if it be to reach out or call for advice and things of that nature."

Until then, let's just bask in the radiance of the Magic that's about to take place. From the perspective of a longtime Lakers fan, I do believe  this move will re-route the Lakers in a brand new direction. 

2008 NBA Playoffs L.A. Lakers vs S.A. Spurs, game 2. Photo cred: Andrew D. Bernstein
Needless to say, it's LakeShow time!

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