Week 1 #NFLKickoff2017 Season Opener: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots

Week 1 #NFLKickoff2017 Season Opener: Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots

As of Thursday, September 7th, the 2017 NFL season has officially began. Week 1 started off last night with Chief's 42-27 win against the New England Patriots, a lively battle between the reigning Super Bowl champions and one of the most dominant teams in the AFC West. 

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NFL GAME OF THE WEEK: Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers (#RiseUp)

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For Falcons fans, their faith stood the test of time, but was amplified this season, coming into the playoff season with a solid 11-5 record. While they inched their way closer during the playoffs, there honestly didn't seem like there was a bit of unease or anxiety. As for everyone else, no one saw it coming. Low and behold, the team made it to the final round of the NFC Championship game...and actually won.

During yesterday's halftime report, I vaguely covered the details of why last night's win was major for the city of Atlanta, which so happens to be home sweet home to this loyal Cowboys fan. The team, having only been established for 51 years, has never seen a Super Bowl ring and the one time they were that close wasn't until 1998, but lost to the Denver Broncos. It's been tough for the franchise as well as the fans, but they've finally earned their bragging rights.

Not to mention the final score was 44-21; 44 points in the last very last game they would ever play  in the Georgia Dome, which is the city's legendary landmark, to honor the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama. Not sure if that was the goal going in, but it sounds good, so I'm sticking to it. 

The Super Bowl prediction made here on the Sky Box Suite was - as far as who the last 2 teams standing would be - is exactly as I called it. Atlanta Falcons will meet with the New England Patriots in Houston, TX in biggest competition in American professional sports, Super Bowl LI. Although it might be a little bias (even though I try really hard not to be) I definitely see it for the Falcons; as long as they keep the same momentum they had last night and remain healthy in the meantime, there's no reason they can't dominate against Patriots. The pressures weighing in, but aside from simply wanting them to win and knowing they deserve to win, I honestly believing they have what it takes to finally bring the city a championship.

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